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Office Moving

Office Moves

 Allied is the office moving company trusted by organizations in China and globally to handle office relocation. Companies turn to Allied for peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that we have the experience and expertise necessary to make every office move a successful one. Our streamlined, specialized approach integrates careful planning, expert project management, clear communication, personal contact, and punctuality into a strategy specifically tailored to your needs. 

Internal Relocation Service

No matter whether your relocation involves moving on the same floor or to a different floor, we will supply a dedicated removals team to complete the move in a safe, timely and efficient manner.

Heavy / Large Item Relocation Service

Items such as safes, mainframe computers and boardroom tables are moved by Allied office relocations highly trained staff using specialised lifting equipment designed to ensure safety and ensuring maximum protection for those items.

Hotel, Health & Corporate Sector

Having the largest national network globally allows Allied to service not only tier 1 cities but regional locations as well. Our service is personalised to suit your needs 

Information Technology

Allied is experienced in relocating IT equipment and meeting critical deadlines to ensure minimal disruptions. We have specialised equipment to assist businesses relocate their IT resources.

Universities & Schools

We understand that educational institutions are constrained by a structured calendar. By establishing well-constructed plans, we perform educational relocations with minimal disruption in an efficient and effective manner. Educational facilities can have a great deal of course-specific material that is integral to the education process. Allied ensures all materials are labelled, numbered and secured ensuring the ability to retrieve specific items at short notice.

Services Available for Office Moves 

  • Building protection at origin and destination 
  • Handyman services electrical/plumbing
  • IT disconnect/reconnect
  • Removal and recycling
  • Workstation and shelving installation and assembly

The foundation of successful office move, be it from Shanghai to Shenzhen or any part of China, is good planning. It’s a process we have mastered over thousands of moves, so you can relax while we carry the load.

Contact us to find our more about our office moving services today.