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Pre-move Planning

Move Consultants

Your journey with Allied begins with our Move Consultants laying the crucial groundwork:

  • The first point of personal contact from your moving team
  • Understanding your priorities and concerns
  • Detailing an inventory of your personal belongings to be moved

Personal Move Coordinator

Your Move Coordinator will be your main point of contact throughout the process. Your Move Coordinators will help you:

  • Plan major aspects of your move from origin to destination
  • Create a customized schedule for transport, storage, and protection options
  • Assist in the completion of all the necessary documents and oversee customs clearance
  • Address all your questions or concerns along the way

When you select Allied as your trusted international mover, your moving team will also include:

  • A Crew Supervisor leading a team of packers to carry out professional wrapping, packing and loading of your household goods.
  • An Import Coordinator at destination to monitor the shipment of your belongings and arrange for delivery after customs clearance

Allied Protection Program

Allied has an excellent record for delivering household goods safe and sound to their destinations—but accidents happen on rare occasions which are out of our control. That is why we recommend that you choose a protection options best suited to your needs early in the moving process.  You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your valued possessions will be covered from the moment we arrive at your residence to the moment they’re delivered at your new home.

With Allied, you can rest assured that in the unlikely event that you have to file a claim, you’ll have the assistance of a professional from our in-house claims department. These claims experts are trained to walk you through all the paperwork and ensure timely processing.

Shipping Options

Your Move Consultant will walk you through the process of choosing the best shipping options. Our vast knowledge of all the different routes and our familiarity with all the different shipping companies helps us to identify the best options to meet your priorities and deliver your shipments as safely and expeditiously as possible.

Your Freight Options Include:

Sea Freight

Sea Freight is a popular mode for international shipments:

  • Cost-effective for larger volume shipments.
  • Scheduled services to all parts of the world.

Full container Load (FCL)

FCL means that your shipment will be loaded directly into its own steel shipping container:

  • Often a faster custom clearance time at destination.
  • Can be directly loaded and unloaded at your home (where local regulations allow).
  • Wooden crates (also known as lift-vans) may be used in countries with loading restrictions or where security risks are high.

Less that Container Load (LCL)

LCL is ideal when you don’t have a large enough volume of goods to require an entire shipping container:

  • Your shipment is loaded into wooden crates which are steel banded then loaded into a shared container by the shipping line.
  • LCL has the same transit time as FCL but due to deconsolidation may take a day or two longer for customs clearance.


Groupage is ideal for shipments that are not time-sensitive:

  • Transit time is usually longer as it will only be shipped when there are enough other shipments to fill a container to your destination.
  • Costs are kept to a minimum by being proportionately shared between all shippers.
  • Groupage is only available to certain high-volume destinations where each shipment’s customs clearance can be kept separate.


Airfreight is useful for small or urgent shipments:

  • Offers the fastest transit times.
  • Often used in conjunction with a sea shipment.

Road Transport

Road transport is an option in some circumstances:

  • Generally, it means less handling of the shipment.
  • In some locations both domestic and international moves can be completed by road.

Ensuring an easy move

We understand that moving may require dedicated care for the precious things in your life be it an old furry buddy or a classic roadster. Allied Pickfords’ value-added services is readily available to make your home moving simpler, seamless and stress-free.

Pet Care

Relocation can be stressful for both pets and their owners. Every country has its own health regulations, certifications, and quarantine procedures for animals moving across their borders. The key to making the process as simple and stress-free as possible for both you and your pets is early planning.

Allied can recommend a qualified and experienced pet relocation specialist to help you work through all the details and ensure your pets get the best treatment possible.

Vehicle Care

Taking your car along for the ride? Allied transports cars, trucks, motorcycles, and all kinds of other vehicles with expert care and packing

Cleaning & Handyman Services

Imagine waking up on moving day, excited to hit the road but then you see the gaping holes in the wall or the light bulb which you have forgotten to change which can put your rental deposit at risk. Allied can help you arrange for professional cleaning or handyman services to help you address just this sort of issue both at origin and destination.

Relocation Services

While you prepare to finalize your move, there may be some loose ends to tie up or some arrangement which you’ve overlooked. Temporary Accommodation, Home Search Assistance, or Visa and Immigration Services are some of the other assistance that we at Allied will be able to provide through our network of specialists.